Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Enough Makeup In the World

I felt like a cosmetic guitar Frankenstein when I smoothed out the wood filler with my putty knife and long straight-edge. But in less than a day, my repair work had cured and it was time to hit it with my sander. "Have 6o grit, will travel," I always say. The dust this produced was incredible and I could only do it outside lest I get lost in a dusty fog in my own basement.

One small point of concern was filling in the holes where the control knobs were once located. The guitar's owner wants to put a full time pickup inside the body and will no longer need the controls in this location. I glued a small block of wood underneath so this first round of putty would not fall through the holes.

You can see how extensive the damage was from the sanded areas. This will be smoothed out further over the long weekend. If you glimpse in the background of the first photo, you can see the headstock is already cleaned up and sanded smooth.

The Disaster DIY guitar project has turned a corner. It was a scary job at first, but everything is working out as planned.

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